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Meet My Dogs!

They're what makes it all work.....
All of my dogs are rescue dogs that I have come across through my time runnning my own rescue. It's a specialised rescue where I take in dogs that are in need of rehabilitation and behavioural training.
The ones I keep are genrally unable to be rehomed for certain reasons, but here I know they will be safe and get to live thier lives to their maximum capabalities and enjoyment.

Here are the dogs I have right now......
White Akita Sasha looking at camera
Sasha is the eldest of my team at 13 years old!
She initally came out of a bin over 10 years ago and spent her time medically rehabilitating in my dining room.
Sasha was super scared and took a while to learn to live with other dogs, she's come on a million years from where she used to be and is now the stalwart of all my dogs, and enjoys her morning runs over the field with the "kids"!

Mister Syxx here is now in his twilight of life at ten years old. He's super stunning but his previous life was a very sad one and I try not to discuss it too much as I prefer to look at him now and see a happy, relaxed and stunning dog. We say he overcame the worst to be the best!
Large white dog on snowy hill
Grey dog in snow
Skylar came from a hoarding situation 8 years ago. There were over 20 of these types of dogs in a small terraced house and as some escaped, the right people became aware. Skylar was very anxious and hated crowds but is now used a stooge dog when you guys need us to. She's super friendly and definitely a fun loving kinda dog!
Reuben is about 4/5 years old now and he came straight from the pound as an unclaimed stray. Reubs was a very misunderstood dog as they thought him super loud and bitey, but he was actually just a working line shepherd and he does an absolutely grand job of now being a Specialist Search Dog.....
Black & Tan dog sitting on green background
Golden dog covered in brown mud
Underneathe all of that mud is a Retriever, of sorts!
Alfie here is about 10 years old and I've had him just over 20 months. He came to me with no fur on his coat, just black and cracked skin. He got over that with the correct diet and specific bathing routines with allergy work, but then it transpired he has epilepsy. Having spent his life in a garden shed being bought out to breed only, I decided he should just stay here and have fun. And that he does! He's a poorly boy, but we all love Alfie!
Nova is a dutch herder who came to me at the beginning of Lockdown 1. Nov's was super bitey, she attacked me regulalry, but she worked hard and now she's one of the best dogs ever! Finally we can go for a walk in a safe and confident manner and I trust this dog 100%.
Nova has also helped me to raise a litter of puppies from another dog I took in, and I will never forget exactly what she did for them pups.
Stripey dog on green grass
black dog on concrete
Elif is 6 months old and is dutch shepherd, maybe cross. Elif's Mum gave birth to her and 7 other puppies in my home but unfortuanately passed away not long after. Elif and her 7 siblings were raised by me with Nova's support, and now these girls have a super bond and great future's waiting for them!
Here's the other puppers :)
Puppies in a shopping trolley
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