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Dog Training & Behaviour

This is where the magic happens.....

Although I specialise in Reactivity and fear based dogs, I do also offer a broad spectrum of training and behaviour services, tailored to your dog's needs, and your requirements.

I don't train your dog for you, I teach you how to train your dog!

Lead Pulling
Lead Reactivity/Aggression
Greeting Visitors
Calmness in the Home & Public Places
Jumping Up
Seperation Anxiety


Separation Anxiety
Resource Guarding
All Things Puppy

Dog on green grass smiling at camera
One to One Sessions:
Ted here is a very new to his home rescue dog.
Ted is super strong on the lead, reactive to dogs on walks, and needed help to settle properly as he was constantly pacing. Ted is working really hard and we're seeing fantastic progress from him


Small cream dog on pink blanket
Nancy, pictured, has graduated from Puppy Class to Advance Puppy Class, and next she moves on to Adolesence Class!
When she gets a  bit older, I'm sure she'll want to come to adult classes too.
I cater to all dogs, regardless of age and needs!
White dog on green backgroun running towards camera
Courses are available that aswell as being specific to your dog's needs, are also just for fun or competition based, so if you want to take your training further, have a look at what's available right now!
We have Confidence Building Courses, Scent Detecion with a City & Guilds Qualified Seacrch Handler and Instructor, and look at the Spotlight Workshops Available for Gun Dogs, Hoopers and much, much more!
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